Ableton Live Consulting

Captivate your audience with the power of Live!

Ableton Live is a very powerful and flexible platform for digital audio. Whether you are an artist or instrumentalist seeking to take your studio production to the stage, a visual artists looking to realize an audio/visual installation, or a production company looking to utilize digital technology to bring a more robust solution to your audio needs, Ryan is available and offers consulting to help you work out all of the logistics.

Here are a few examples of potential services:

  • Preparation of studio content for dynamic live performance (Suitable for soloists or artists on a budget)
  • Interactive audio solutions for stage shows including design and implementation
  • Design and implementation for interactive Audio/Visual installations
  • Sound design and composition (for artists, dance companies, winter guards, or any type of production)

Given the nature of this service, price will vary greatly from project to project. If you are interested in Ryan’s Live Consulting services, please contact us with your project. We will then work out differently priced proposals to find one that fits your budget.

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